Its an hour past midnight
But i just can’t put out the light

I can’t overcome the might

The might of this overwhelming wait

A wait that has such weight

Weight that keeps weighing me down

I hate to admit this

I loathe the feeling as much as i love it

I hate that i have to feel it even as i eat

I hate that i have to feel such heat

The heat of your memories

The heat of my worries

Worries of things unchangeable

Things long gone

Things from a battle not won

But no matter how hard i try

I can’t stop it

I can’t help but feel this heat

This heat whose intensity increases an hour past midnight

Then slumber

departs me

I think of thee

I think of how i wept

I think of how you left

And all these thoughts steal sleep away from mine eyes

My mind flees

And runs all the way to thee

Solace it seeks from our memories

Sweet memories of tale riddance

Memories of our last dance

How we swayed and writhed to the rhythm

How we smiled and grinned at our mischief

But now, all those memories lead me to a handkerchief

Its amusing how

Despite the pain

Despite the lack of no gain

Despite the wane

I still lack spite

I still can’t get to spite nor loathe thee

I still can’t bring my heart to revile thee

And that’s why

An hour past midnight

I shift to the world of “maybe”

The world of “what if”

What if i stumble upon thee

What if i met you on the streets

What if i challenged your wits

What if…

Or maybe

Maybe i shall crash down your disdain

Maybe i shall slash down your pride

Maybe i shall wash down my hurt


Maybe one day

An hour past midnight

I shall swiftly drift into slumber

And all these memories

Shall no longer push me into the “maybe” world


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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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