How mean is death…Yet it wills such strength
The only thing on earth
That can create such great width
That separates us from those we loved 
And shared with….
Must it be there
Must it leave us bare
With so much grief to bear
As it rids us of love to share
How mean it is and for no one does it care
Dear one,did you have to leave
Yet you just had such a short life
That i thought you did live 
In accordance to your own strife
Is it that you preferred the dead world
Which is scary n wild
Why didn’t  you consider us
Before you decided to part from us
Maybe you thought it wouldn’t leave a mark
But it left us with such work
Work of trying to fill the blank
A blank that u left deep inside our hearts
We all loved you so much
Oh dear one
If only death i could punch
So that i could never have to wonder why
Why he has to take our loved ones away…

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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