Can I get your number?

How it all starts




Filled with emotion

Filled with passion

Unexplainable to the rest of the world

Only the two understand the word

Only the two understand the smile

Only the two understand the tensile



When someone’s face kindles thy heart

When their voice smothers the hurt

Their touch

Oh holy heavens

Their touch your inner passion awakens

Their whispers


Their whispers turn you dumb

Unable to unleash any word whatsoever

Only their name u can mention


Passionate tension arises

Tension that amazes

Awes even

Passion builds up

Neither can keep it up

Not any more

To release it you must

To unearth the lust you must

To fulfill the desire

The desire that maybe indecent

Desire that has you hooked like a wire

One that burns harder than a fire

Ablaze you are

Thy mind departs thee

And off the body goes

And in you give to your woes

And beautifully



Thrusting begins

Your body wins

Blood gushes in and out

As though it’s gout

At the end


Rapid inhalation and exhalation

Can barely utter a word due to exasperation

Off you leave

Your head in a wave

A wave of unending thoughts

Thoughts of what happens next

What happens next after the text?



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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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