Ever stopped to wonder what runs it

Ever paused to ponder what drives it

What defines its principles

Whats rolls how things unfold

How relationships are formed

How they are endured

How they thrive. Or not

Every time,

Just when one thinks finally her it is

Here’s what i’ve wanted all my existence

It disappears

Right before one’s eyes

Just when one thought they’d finally had a grasp of something

It gently oozes between their fingers and out of their grip

Such is life

Such are the relationships in it

They all seem to have a script to follow

A ‘shantily’ crafted script




Friendship blossoms

Inter-knowledge happens

Tolerance begins

Untill when neither can tilerate no more

Then despise creeps in

Despise thats mutual and equal

A rebounce occurs

And neither can bear the sight of the other

This is when the r/ship is bound to end

And split ways occur

Each moves their way

Interests and aspirations split

Nothing can be done to salvage it

Or get it back to ‘how it was’

Worry not dear heart

Such is life’s script

Such was, is bound to happen

Such is meant to recconect thee to thy weaker self

Such is meant to be a part of thy growth

But its gonna suck

When the sould u could easily slid into

Turns to a stranger overnight

When the memory of the silly things u once did together

Are all you could cling on to now

When the only mutual emotion between the two

Is despise

But such is life

Oh dear heart

Such is its designated script

So worry not

So hurt no more

So weep no longer

But instead



Reinforce thyself

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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