Geez, this is crazy…
Wavy and hazy..
I can’t believe whats happening
I  can’t understand how
Just how u in my heart now
Should i scream or wow
I’ve seen many
I’ve met numerous
They’ve confessed their love in numbers
But my heart out it shuts them
Theirs wail with such acrimony
“why dear? just choose me”
They plead on one knee
Still my heart them it rejects
All cause of u
All cause of how deeply i feel u
Each time i stare at ur photo
I stare at your milky teeth
At ur broad smile
Ur beaming face
Sapphire-like eyes…
My heart throbs rhythmically
My breathe seems held for an eternity
My blood rushes to every cell in my being
And i just cant imagine choosing
someone else
I can’t fathom chasing u out of my heart
I can’t even figure out how such to do
As in my heart u like an epitaph
So deeply engraved
So deeply embraced
So deeply encrypted
And earnestly beloved
To rip u off would be suicide
That’s just how profoundly i love u
How i wonder
Does ur heart thud as hard as mine
Does it threaten to break off ur chest
Does it race faster than mine
Do ur knees wobble
Do ur lips twitch at the thought of me
Do ur arms sweat profusely
Ur eyes stare dreamily
Ur mind roam wildly
Ur thoughts go widely
All at sight of me?
How i earnestly hope the answer to these is affirmative..

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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