Courage i harnessed
My fingers trembled
My lip i bit
As i typed the words
Those words that would later trap me
Trap me in a cage i knew not
Those words of confession
Confession of my confusion
Confession of my illusion
Confession of my infatuation
An infatuation that seemed so strong
Yet it was so wrong
So wrong for me to confess it
If only i knew
If only i knew the price
The price of a confession so dire
I wdnt have to dare
Disdain is what i feel now
Regret is what engulfs me now
I shdnt hve let it known
I shd hve let me maul
Maul in the anguish of love
A love that was hopeless
One that was never to be revealed
One that was forever to be concealed
The burden i’ll have to carry
The price i’ll have to pay
The costly price of a confession……

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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