Is when i see you

When i yearn to be in your arms

Yearn to feel your heart beat

Feel your heaviness in my arms

Look into your eyes and feel their weakness

Look into your eyes and venture into your heart

Hear you whisper smoothly in my ears

Of your reassuring words

How you will never forget me

How deeply you love me

How earnestly you long for me

Of your unending l’amour

Your unending affection

All i can do is simply stare in your eyes

Listen to your beating heart

Hope you can feel the thud of mine too

Hope you feel the gush in my veins

I try to fade away the though of ur leaving

Ignore the feeling of looneliness that threatens to slowly but surely creep once u gone

Once i can no longer be in your arms

Nor be yours to hold no more

No longer count your heart thuds

No longer feel the Adam’s apple move swiftly as the promises you restate

No longer enjoy the comfort of your endearing words

The assurance in your touch

The confidence in your grip

The love in your teasing

Oh how i live you

Never thought i would

Never thought i would even offer you my liking

Never imagined you’d make me weak

Make my knees buckle

And yet you did

You did make me fall for you

A while it took, but finally i did

Finally i did trip on the edge of your maddening love

And now

Now you leaving

Leaving to leace me lonely and lost

Lost in the maze of this short lived heavenly paradise u created for me

Did you have to go though

Did it have to happen now

Now that i had just tripped for you

Did it…

I’ll let you go…

How i hope you’ll forget me not

How i pray our love remains unchanged

How i solicit you remain the same

The same endearing creature i so affectionately regard.

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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