It happens everyday

Sometimes even just when I say hey

Sometimes as I tend the hay

Sometimes as I lay


It’s always happening

Always being crated

Always being conjured

Conjured in my brain

Aligned in my thoughts

But then

There is this darkness

There is murkiness

Murkiness in my musings

Dullness in my trail

Shadowiness in my ideas

How can I even achieve them?

How can I achieve what is perceived impervious?

Am I just like the same old?

Am I just an over ambitious lad

Full of dreams and visions

But lacking in clarity

Does it all end in vanity

In disparity

I know not

All I know is that the thoughts gnaw at me

That the ideas set a fire in me

One that needs quenching

One that defies drenching

One that I shall unveil

I shall reveal

Maybe not today maybe not tomorrow

But some day for certain.

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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