We sit and we stare

Stare at each other

Stare at the future

Stare at tomorrow

You sit behind me

You ooze of masculine aura

You touch my neck

A whim escapes my throat

I know what is to happen

And I am eager for it

Eager to devour it

Or let it devour me

Kisses on my neck

Soft, tender, smooth

Touch on my nipple

I can feel a well down at my junctions

The feel of the tongue

Its mixed texture enhances the sensation

Your uneven breathing divulges my attention

I want to have you

The more the movements against my bud

The more I can’t hold it anymore

You are out to torture

Am a willing prey

But I never go down easy

I take you all in

Feel your gushing veins

The salty taste; erotica indeed

I look straight into your eyes

That’s a warning sign lover boy

You run your fingers along my hair

The moans  a plea for mercy

Mercy I shall show not tonight

I came to win

I came to conquer

I came to devour

I came to ensure you came


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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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