Hello darkness my old friend

I’ve come to talk to you again

I think I like him

I think I don’t

Uncertain I am

He’s nice, but not nice enough

He’s handsome, but not handsome enough

Critical, maybe

Unfair, certainly

But can I be blamed

Can I be damned

Can I be condemned

Condemned nor damned for the 9ft walls I’ve built around

That I plead guilty of

That I am proud of

But when time comes

It haunts me like a damned soul

It hoots in my ears like a perturbed owl

It eats my heart up whole

Leaving nothing inside but a hole

One that pleads to be filled

One that yearns to be claimed

Yet there’s no one to listen

No one is gracious enough it to glisten

No one willing it to whiten

To whiten the darkened insides of this soul

That’s why I come to you

I run to you my old friend

When all comes to an end

I run to you my glistening darkened friend

For you embrace this dark soul

You fill up this dug up hole

You nurse up these bleeding wounds

You silence the howling hounds

Calm the haunting voices inside this soul’s mind

With a mere soothing waft of wind

Helping it after the tiring day to unwind

Hello darkness my old friend

I’ come to you again

Untie my silhouette

Dry up my wet

Wet swollen eyes

That burst from the never ending lies

Untie my silhouette

For its all thats left

Of this broken, holed-up heart


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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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