Life is hard

Life is bad

Life is rough

Life is tough

Life is a bully

Life is hilly

But whenever it pushes u around

Whenever it pins you to the ground

Whenever everyone leaves

Whenever all they out weave

I need you to be strong

I need you to keep on

I need you to push on

I beseech thee to be your strong hold

I plead with you love

To be your pep talker

To always remind you of who you are

To make sure u forget not your worth

To forget not your mirth

Hold on love

You are stronger than you know

Always have been

Always will be

Strong for yourself

You are a queen darling

You are a treasure honey

Forget not these

You are enough

You are tough

When life pushes you

Push back harder than before

For every force an opposite reaction love

Forget not your worth I beg of you

Loose not yourself I plead of you love

Appreciate you charm

Appreciate your warmth

Love thyself woman

Treasure thyself, for you are a queen

And one that knows their value

One that treats herself right

One that appreciates her own might

You are a queen, be good to your kingdom

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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