Why are the accusations this strong?

Is it that I am extremely wrong?


I am right

I have seen the light

That shed upon me knowledge

Whose lack had pushed me to the edge

You are just bosy

Too noisy and nosy

Who told you your opinion was rule?

What makes you think the rest of us drool?

Drool at the idea of being you?

At your notion of what’s cool?

You eint more of a human being

considering others well being hurts not

Just pause for a moment

Pause for one arbitrary moment

Rethink the comment

Reconsider the lament

Does it cause a wound?

Does it build your hood?

Always have these considerations

As they enhance your complusion

Enrich your compassion

And make you respect a differing opinion


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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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