Lets pretend,

Lets sit down, plug in the earphones, and pretend

Lets listen to some sad heartbreaking music

Lets let the lyrics sink

Let them sink then pretend to be sick

Pretend to be in love

Pretend to have lost

Lost all we had

To have been hurt hard

Bruised and torn

Battered and out-worn

Lets listen to some Rose Cousins,

Yes, lets listen and sing along

Lets let our minds wander along

To the beautiful long lost days

Days we create in our minds

Days we wish we had

Days we’ve only heard

But for now, lets pretend shall we

Into the wee hours of the day

Lets act as though we can feel our hearts shatter

As if we have countless words to mutter

To our lover

One we never can claim to have owned…

To our lavish life

One we have never lived

To our lovely friends

Ones who plunged us into the deep ends

To our peaceful loving families

Those that are mastered with chaos and lies.

But hey,

For now

For tonight,

We shall listen to Birdy

We shall listen and put on a show

All in a row

Beat after beat

Song after song.


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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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