Yoohh, guys…no. Just no. This whole ohh, ‘he took my virginity’ ‘oh, I gave you my virginity’ blah, blah, blah…I just don’t get it. It’s not like I do not understand why having a sexual relation with someone for the first time might be a big deal, for some…but girls, ladies…come on. Virginity, precious or not, is not a commodity okay! It’s not a physical object that can be properly wrapped in some nice expensive glittery gift wrapper and handed out to that special someone like some Santa gift. It’s not some several carat diamond that can be taken away by some rogue or whatever. Noooooooo. It’s not. It is basically a state of not having experienced a sexual encounter with anyone before. It’s more a state of mind. It’s not some thick hymen membrane tissues in your vagina. Noooo. These tissues can break from the somersaults you used to do when five, or from your bike riding adventures. It’s not a state of ‘purity’ as most claim, trust me, by the time one is twelve, they have seen waaaaay more despicable things for them to no longer be considered pure. Virginity is a construct eh!! Are we together. It is a construct by our various societies. Some societies are stricter on enhancing this construct and norm than others are. But what is common in all societies is that, a female’s expectations and perceptions of virginity are raised a tad higher than those of their male counter parts.

This is why, today, a girl posted a heartfelt story of how she ‘gave’ her virginity to this guy who later treats her as ‘trash’.

. Am like nooooooo, young girl, just stop it,noooo….quit that. Stop beating yourself up for someone being a jerk. Stop beating yourself up for experiencing a perfectly normal life cycle. Stop beating yourself up for deciding to engage in mutually consented intercourse. Just stop it. Stop using the ‘he took my virginity’ line to throw a self-pity party. Just stop it. Stop letting the construction of others concept of sexuality press you down. Stop it. Arret ça s’il te plait hein!!

Women, enjoy sex. Yeasss… enjoy the hell out of it. ‘But ohhh, Zippy, how dare you say that out loud? How dare you promote ‘moral decadence’?’ You wanna know how I dare to do that…I dare to do that because I dare to challenge all of us to take charge of ourselves, I challenge us all to take the reins of our bodies. Let’s run our bodies ehh…why the fuck should we be giving the wheels to the society to dictate and run our lives for us??? Irony how, we will be told, ‘Just be yourself’, ‘Just live your life’, ‘Don’t mind what people say’ but in issues such as sexuality, do the same phrases apply? Let me rephrase that question, in the cases of FEMALE sexuality, do the same sentiments hold water?

Can a young girl be made to understand that having her first sexual encounter does not in any way involve her giving her power away to that specific male? Can she be let to comprehend that anytime she engages in the act she is meant to have as much satisfaction as her fellow partner? Can it be made clear to her that the fact that she might like sex and enjoy it a looooot doesn’t put the label slut on her forehead…oh, btw, the same word sounds quite off when used to refer to an individual from the male kingdom.

Most people now will claim to be pro women empowerment, but will still be the first to throw a stone at a young lass who has an ‘earlier than usual’ first sexual experience. They’ll still cringe whenever they have to talk about the sex topic to younger sisters. Hell, they might even be cringing now while reading this. But hey, regardless of one’s religion, personal beliefs etc, we should all agree that matters of where one sticks their organs or what one let’s get stuck in them is a veeeeery personal matter, and as such, makes it none of our businesses, making it not up to us to judge who’s prudish or not, who’s whorish or not, blah…blah… But all in all, let’s let those who love the act enjoy it in peace eh!! Let’s empower our girls on the same, Let’s try and recreate the whole conception of the matter. Make them understand that having sex with a guy doesn’t make him have power/ control over them at all. Make them embrace and even nurture their sexuality and sensual feelings.


P/S; I am not encouraging reckless sexual behaviour, not at all. I am pro sexual liberty for all, taking into account that morality is relative, what is right in a given society may be wrong in another.

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

14 thoughts on “FEMALE SEXUALITY

  1. Mmh,you got a point Sis, I’ll give you that,then again,at some point , your view on virginity is heading in the right direction,i agree that its not a commodity to be peddled to the highest bidder, I’m neither dragging what i think are societal values into this,and yes,i do acknowledge that whoever took whose does not have power over them,i totally agree, but did you know,sex is more than what’s in the physical? It’s a bond,in the psychological,or the mental,idk, something to do with Pheromones, hormones, and what nots,and beyond that,the spiritual too,well,i habe my two cents on that,but it would take a whole blog post to explain things.Oh well,its just opinion 🤔🤗

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    1. I totally get you. Sex is definitely more than the physical… It creates an emotional bond… Depending on the parties involved… Their ail and their faiths n beliefs…


      1. Then you’d agree just throwing it around like confetti is detrimental to one’s well being yes? I mean if you don’t bother about having a peace of mind,no problem,but having a part of you given to several other people is something even i can not live with

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      2. Okay, first of all, not every one is of the same school of thought of having a piece of you in every person you’ve had sex with. it’s not scientifically proven. As such, if someone doen’t subscribe to that school of thought, then sex for them is not detrimental at all…its a normal asect of adult life. Secondly, the aspect of the piece of someone in the other owing to intercourse is on a religious basis, whereby souls are purpoted to interlink or sth…so, why should such limits or beliefs be imposed on people who maybe do not share the same religion or faith????


      3. Then, in our society today, a woman having sexual adventures is regarded to as decadence of moraals, but for a male it will be praised adn referred to him just being a man or some other bullshit…which i what doesn’t settle with me. the fact that sex is a big deal…but only for women…the fact that sex is emotionally binding…but only for women. the fact that virginity is to be preserved as its precious…but only for women!!! This is what doesn’t settle well with me


      4. Needless to say,i haven’t come across a scientific article that purports to have people leaving parts of themselves in someone else,again, I’m looking beyond the religious perspective,lets just agree faith and religion are just common scapegoats, I’m basing this on observation.Now i may not have the capacity to conduct psychological analysis,but explain to me why ‘some’ people,(notice some in quotes) have trouble moving on,or staying with one person?🤔😁

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      5. Because they were emotionally invested in the relationship. Because for them, the interaction with this person was not just on the sexual basis. That will make someone hang on another as we are but mere humans. But, if your thesis were correct, would this mean to say that sex workers have countless pieces of others? I think not. Sex becomes binding if the parties involved engage emotions in it.


      6. Sex workers basically treat sex as a service,so no emotional investment at all,on that i do agree,i guess that does answer part of my question.


      7. Exactly… Some individuals will have sex, as a service… On some other different scale


    2. Am in no way suggesting that people shd just jump into sex… Nope… My stand is that the sale sexual liberty men have shd be accorded to women…


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