Crazy, I know.
Overreacting, prolly…

But damn

Can’t help it

Can’t help the feeling

Can’t help the judging

Can’t help but think what if

What if she never left

What if he acted right

What if they tried…

Tried not much but just a lil’

Would it be different

Would I be happier

Would these tear wells disappear

Would a smile ever be plastered on me

Would…would our health be better

But all these I have zero answers to

All cause no one tried

No one raised not a finger

All they did was watch it crumble

Watch it wash and drain down the drains

Down the drains and off to the deepest of pits

A pit so deep that no one could reach

Why didn’t you try

Why didn’t you just fucking try

Why didn’t you even pretend to be trying

No one knows

No one but thine little armful hearts

Hearts which you trample over again and again

Today I looked into one of yours

Yes, I peered into one of thy hearts

Regret, remorse, wishful thinking

All wrapped into a tiny bundle

Placed at the darkest corner in there

At the other corner was pretense


Pretense of how happy thou art

How unbothered

How unreachable

But the eyes could do it no more

The eyes are tired

Tired of trying to smile

Tired of the façade

That’s why they’ll look away

That is why they un-cooperate with the lying parted lips

I saw it all,

I saw it all when I peered today


You still love her.

You still hold her dear

But you will never show

You will never tell

Why though

Why watch each other drown

Drown in the beautiful memories

And reminisce of what it would have been

What the whole would have looked like

And so as my judging eyes dart between you both

Question not

Same way I questioned not

Render no explanation

As none was ever offered when needed

Just let me

Just let us

Me, my judging eyes ,my judging thoughts

 Let us judge in peace

Let us prejudice in peace

Let us reminisce in peace

Let us keep peering and watch as thy hearts shatter to pieces.


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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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