The definition of perfect

Is what he is

Hours and hours run over each other

You think him you’ll outgrow

Only to your maze

He intrigues you each day

Then this day

This day you see him

This day, you really see him

In his full splendour

In this whole different light

He is macho

… decisive …

… smart …

… strong …

He is … all you could ever need him to be.

You take a long dragged look at him

Not a stare

But a keen studious look

You want to know what he’s thinking

You need to understand his heart

You are ready to transcript his soul

You want to have him

But time and again

There it is

Erect and majestic

The barrier set between the two souls

One too strong

One too tall

One neither can overrun

And as your eyes dart over his gorgeous face

You let the realization sink in

You let it devour you

And thrush daggers at your smouldered heart

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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