Right there in the darkness

It engulfs you

Threatening to tear you apart

Threatening to devour you whole

This loneliness

This solitude

That runs so deep

That sorrows thy soul

That turns thine eyes into streams

I’ve never felt so alone

Everyone leaves

Everyone packs up and goes

And all that’s left is me and this darkness

This darkness that swallows me 

And in it,

I try to find a solace

In it,

I try to figure out

Which step I missed

I do a life analysis

Who is a friend

Who is not

Who is a foe

Who is not

And at such times

 A yearning so strong overpowers me

I yearn for a listening ear

If only someone could just hear

If only someone could just listen

Listen and not give a “if only you knew how lucky you are” glare

If only

If only anyone cared enough

 The façade does nothing to help

Maybe that’s why no one cares

So for now

It’s just me

My darkness

My bad poetry

And My solitude.

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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