I do not keep up with the Kardashians; not at all. The only snippets I have of their attention seeking life is when my friends (most of whom are fans of this folk) shove information on them down my throat. Reason why I do not is because of their materialistic nature; and yes, I know humans are inherently materialistic creatures; theirs is on another scale y’all. Also, according to a recent study by London School of Economics, exposure to materialistic and fame-craving material actually makes one less sympathetic to the plight of the poor and more of an anti-welfare. Even exposure to as little as 60 seconds of such content!

Well, by now you probably already get that:

  • I do not in any way like the Kardashians
  • I think they are attention addicts
  • Am trying to run from the inherent human nature.

And as such, I do not pay them any attention and hate the attention that they are given. As an anti-Kardashian, its prevalent that I will most likely side with the person they choose to attack. And of late, the Jordyn drama just caught my attention, why? Firstly because of its monopoly on the internet (am only a millennial who can ‘literally die’ without having to look at their phone after every several minutes so…)

So this morning, in my usual unhealthy morning routine of talking a stroll down my social media accounts, I came across this thread by Luvvie Ajayi (y’all know by now that am a great fan of her podcasts Rants & Randomness and Jesus & Jollof) h

And she just put words to my exact thoughts on this Jordyn/Khloe/Tristan fiasco.

First and foremost;

  • Khloe is a grown ass woman at 34 years; and she out there attacking & claiming a 21-year-old broke her family?? Yaani, she’s ready to destroy a 21-year old’s life over this…waaahh!!
  • Tristan (who has not been receiving as much backlash as he should) is a grown man with his own free will…and the one with a commitment to Khloe. The misogyny of all of this is sickening!
  • How ridiculous is it that when someone pulls a Kardashian on the Kardashians, they go all bananas and guns out?? They have made a life out of being with ‘black’ men who are already in relationships; Karma is a bitch darlings.

And this whole thread just got me thinking in general (not case-specific); How harsh this world is to women. Then to add to that layer, it gets even harsher to a woman of color.

See, guys, when you are in a relationship, you have made a commitment to your partner and your partner has made one to you. If that partner breaks that commitment with a 3rd party (however close they are to you) , why on earth would you start lashing out on the 3rd party? Did they make a commitment to you? Did they make vows to you? Did they make promises to you? Hell no!! Its your partner that did.

So every time I see women plucking each other’s eyes out and grabbing each other’s wigs because ohhh, ‘you took my man from me’ honey, no…just stop it. Just stop it! That man was the one who made a commitment to you, not the mpango. So, if you have any bone to chew with anyone, it should be your mans…not any other 3rd party.

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