The world we live in…

Its a place where I’ll scroll through my feed with tears rollin’

It’s a place where I type enthusiastic laughing emojis with a grim on the face

It’s a place where “how are you’s” are exchanged as a matter of courtesy and not actual concern

Where “I’ll be there if you need anything” is more of a conversation closer than an opening

Where a vacation is more ‘bout the photos for the feeds’ aesthetic than for the good moments and memories shared

Where the interactions are more of who the other party is and the reputation that thrives from hanging with them…

A place where a price tag is placed on you even by blood

What can you offer?

How much worth will you be in the future?

What can you do for me?

Where success is measured by how much you share

Where loneliness is the order of the day despite the flooding dms, followers and likes

Where the only time ‘genuine’ concern is shown is when one is gone

Where were they?

Where were all the rest in powers when one anguished at the mercies of the demons in their heads

Where were all the ‘she will remain in our hearts’ during those silent nights when the only sounds were the internal inaudible choking screams?

Why was their silence so loud when just a whisper was all that was needed to keep this soul afloat?

Why didn’t no one notice all the alerts and warnings?

Ahhh… of course no one noticed,

Because then, your worth to them had diminished

Because then, the façade had to continue

And the role had to continue being played

Until it could be played no more.

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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