Dark skin girls ; and just to be clear, here, am talking to my deeply melanated Queens. Not the caramelized melanin (y’all still Queens, but in this colorist world, your privilege is eminent).

So, back to my ebony black Queens.

Dark skin girls; we’ve gotta love ourselves. In a world that has stratified us to the bottom of the ‘color’ chain. We’ve gotta love ourselves.

In a world where the closest to whiteness is the most ideal; we still have to love ourselves

In a world where evil is illustrated as black as coal; the color of our skin, we have to love ourselves

Where we’ll sing “Jesus make me white as snow, yet our skins are way closer to dark blue than any brown color out there; We have to love ourselves

Where walking down the River road streets, we’re met with the “Siste, calorite ni 50 tu”; we still have to love ourselves!

Where the representation of black people is characterized by more of our brown sisters and brothers

Where rangi ya thao waliimbiwa nyimbo milioni and the light skin girl is the epitome of beauty and ideal for loving

Even then… we still have to love ourselves. Despite all the odds being against our proclamation of our beauty, despite all the standards of beauty being against us, despite all the representation in our community being exclusive of us, despite our men discriminating against us due to their preference of our lighter sisters, despite our deeply ingrained self-hate that will lead us to getting the mercury on our skins to lighten it…

Despite all these factors; we’ve still gotta love ourselves.

Cz in this world of ours, if we don’t love ourselves, no one will. If we don’t appreciate our blackness no one will. If we don’t reject the notion that our skin color is the representation of evil and sin, if we don’t stand up and Proclaim our own beauty in this colorized community; No one will.

So, my Ebony black Queens; We’ve gotta love ourselves. We’ve gotta claim our beauty. And yes, we’re all black queens but colorism hits different when you’re on the darker shade of the spectrum.


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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.


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