So guys, I just recently learnt how to prepare the cinnamon French toast and my mornings have been brighter and better; all thanks to this sumptuous easy to make breakfast.

Myself, am not crazed about cooking, and spending hours and hours in the kitchen. Am sure tuko wengi. As such, I always look for the simplest and fastest stuff to prepare; its like the food version of ‘wash &wear’ recipes; lets call them the ‘cook & ready’ recipes, shall we? No? Doesn’t have the same gist? Alright… I’ll leave the prerogative to you; call ‘em recipes whatever you may. As long as it slightly alludes to the fact that they are easy to follow and take about 10 minutes max to get into your tummy.

For this simple af toast recipe we’ll need;

  • 3 Eggs (cz I have an undocumented love affair with eggs… Hen eggs though, not all those other types you might think of)
  • Grounded Cinnamon.
  • About half glass of full cream milk (maziwa ya kirimo, but si the one where the cream is so yellowish it makes one rethink the whole anti-milk philosophy)
  • 3 slices of whole-wheat brown bread; cz we healthy like that
  • Some oil… whichever you prefer; I prefer sunflower oil though
  • Mixed Fruit Jam (optional)
  • Hazel Nut Chocolate spread; or any chocolate spread really. (optional)

After we have all we need, we start the process… Play some H.E.R or Ella Fitzgerald or Ethic Or Konshens… whatever appeals to your music taste buds. Then just writhe and dance your way through this recipe. Its so muuuuccchh fun this way. Trust me on this.

First, we’re gonna crack up our eggs into a bowl, beat them up gently or roughly (your choice really, depending on whatever is going on in your life at that moment).

Then, add some cinnamon (just sprinkle it on the eggs till the ancestors whisper ‘enough my child’)

Add up the milk and whisk till its properly mixed.

Place your pan on the stove and let it heat up.  It should be moderately heated up. Add some oil to the pan and ensure that the oil is evenly distributed on the pan.

As you await the pan to heat up, dip a slice of bread into your mix of the eggs, milk and cinnamon. Let it soak properly on both sides. The better soaked it is, the soggier your toast will be. The soggier your toast is, the yummier it tastes. The yummier it tastes, the more you’ll have… the more you have, the brighter your day will be…y’all realize I can continue with this banter all day right?

Alright, moving on swiftly.

Our pan is well heated and our slice of bread well soaked.

Take the slice of bread carefully… ensure it doesn’t break upp or ‘tear’ and place it on the pan.

Let it cook till nicely brown… the brown of the brown skin girl sang for by Beyonce. The one whose skin is just like pearls… that brown color.

Once its this nice gorgeous brown, serve it up. You’re gonna repeat this for the 3 other bread slices.

After they’re all well prepared and ready, apply your favorite spread. For me, the Mixed Fruit Jam and Hazel Nut Chocolate spread are my most preferred.

Apply generous amounts to the slices.

Its ready to be mange’d (the past tense of eat in French).

Enjoy how when you cut it up or place a fork on it, the spreads just drip and ooze out of the slices… Laawwwwd… just mouth-watering!!

Enjoy, and do tell me how the recipe goes for you. https://www.instagram.com/missgakuu

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