Proposed Itinerary
    • Connect to Brussels from Paris. Use the Flixbus ( offers to book a bus ride from Paris to Brussels. This you can get from as low as 14.99 Euros and its only about a 4-hour drive. Get an early morning bus. This is to ensure that you don’t waste a whole day stuck in a bus ride to your destination. 
    • Arrive in Brussels, check into your Airbnb. If you took a morning bus, you have the whole day ahead of you. You can spend the 1st day taking a stroll around the Grand Place, munch on the waffles and the marvelous street food. 
    • Enjoy day 2 and 3 doing the activities listed below. 
    • On day three, after leaving Dinant, catch a night bus back to Paris; saves on having to pay up for an extra night in the Airbnb. 

      Below is the Estimated budget costs for your trip; (links to the sites where you can find cheaper offers and great budget friendly prices)

      Accomodation; Airbnb50Euros per night = 100Euros
      Transport; Flixbus20Euros per trip = 40Euros for a Return Ticket
      Day OnePrices vary depending on the shopping spree you embark on Limit yourself to 50 Euros. 
      Day Two – Atomium Ticket (student reductions) = 8 euros: – Mini-Europe Ticket = 15.80 Euros – Metro Tickets from Grand Place to the Atomium; 10 Euros (to & fro’) – Lunch 
      Day Three– Train ticket to Dinant from Brussels = 13.50 Euros (Return Ticket):  – 3 in 1 ticket for the Citadelle = 16.50 Euros (The tour of the fort, the cable car & the Boat Cruise along the Meuse river): – Lunch

      TOTAL ESTIMATED COSTS: 253.80 EUROS (Non-inclusive of the meals, but since you’re staying at an Airbnb, you can save up by preparing your own meal; will cost less than 50 Euros for the 3 days).

      This table shows a proposed itinerary for your time in Brussels with links on where to find more information or tickets at a reduced price.

      DAY ONE– The Grand Place; plan out to see the magnificent Flower Carpet. : check out all the other things you can do around the Grand Place area through that link. – The Manneken Pis: : Always read up on an attraction site/ activity before hand. It makes you enjoy the activity even more. – The Royal Gallery St. Hubert – – The Royal Theatre of the Mint: – Rue Neuve (city’s most popular shopping street) – Enjoy the street food. 
      DAY TWO– The Atomium: – Mini Europe:
      DAY THREE– Train to Dinant – Citadelle de Dinant – The Notre Dame de Dinant – Dine at the Restaurant La Citadel (Restaurant at the Citadelle with gorgeous views) – Cruise along the Meuse River

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