I was listening to Button Poetry and there was this beautiful poem of “When Love arrives” by Phil Kaye & Sarah Kay. Then, my overthinking self-got to work and I just thought about the whole notion of love, the one, marriage, life partners etc etc.

What if… just like gender and all other social norms, romantic love is a construct?

What if the whole notion of a ‘better half’ is just but a social norm?

What if the concept of the ‘life partner’ & ‘the one’ is just that, A Concept?

What if its all just one huge grotesque construct that has been reinforced in the society for so long And… not having it is the deviance.

Then, the feelings of loneliness when single, the pressure to get married by a given age, take someone with you to the family wedding, hate on your ex’s new catch; all these would then be but social constructs intended to punish the deviant for breaking the norm of this love construct

If it was all a construct and thus not ‘real’, would I be okay with that?

Would my Love loving romantic self be at comfort with reducing Cupid’s magic to but a construction of the society’s genius mind?

Would it be in me to live with me as the Love of My Life?

Would I fit my own descriptions and perceptions of the perfect life companion?

Would I be Enough for Me?

Would I love myself right? Or Would I be an abusive lover?

What kind of romantic partner would I be to me?

Would the sex be great? The date nights lit? And the vacations picture worthy?

Would the fights be vicious? And the words hurtful?

Or… would I be gentler with me?

Am I really my type? Am I fit to be the Love Of My Life?

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.


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