Why Ngina Kenyatta’s Unemployment speech sits uncomfortably with Wanjiku

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Mbari ya kenyatta,

You have

decided to finish us Kenyans totally. 

First, you wonder why and how we can be broke!

We’re not even over the sheer insolence and disrespect of this. As in, you steal and grab all our land, enrich yourselves from our sweat and toil; then wonder why we’re broke? Yaani, after making it a tough sport for SMEs to borrow from our commercial banks because of your excessive borrowing you wonder why we’re broke??

Let me not even reopen this wound… your toddler Ngina did that for us. Whilst we’re still trying to balm this burn from the dad, she decides to give us, the Kenyan youth, advise on unemployment and business. As in…. heeeehhh! Its even hilarious. Am sure some of us think she did nothing wrong and that her only fault was being born and being part of the corrupt Kenyatta dynasty but the ‘matter of fact’ tone of her speech is the issue here. The patronizing nature of the speech illustrated her ‘out of touch state’ with the realities of Wanjiku.  

Just how she “challenges her fellow youth to address and find solutions to unemployment by going into innovation” The way she throws the fishing man proverb… lolllllll!! Her using the example of Moses who had to go to China to get quality education since her family saw to it that the common mwanachi cannot get quality education at home.  

The disconnect and the detachment from the realities on the ground evidenced in her speech are just baffling. How can a single person be riding such a high horse? As a youth, what I hear from her speech is: my unemployment is my choice… my lack of learning how to fish is because of my lack of innovativeness. Its like she lives in a totally parallel universe.

She has no idea whatsoever what the Kenyan youth of her age have to go through just to get that fish. She has no idea all the structures that her grandfather, her father and her dynasty put in place to break the backs of the same youth she dares to put an “us” at while addressing them. Ngina knows not a single thing about growing up as a Kenyan youth and as such has no right to talk of the plights of the Kenyan youth. Her horse is too up high for her to even slightly fathom the realities on the ground.

She’s the typical embodiment of the gap between the capital of the bourgeoisie offspring and that of the proletariat’s offspring. Her attempt to speak for the proletariat’s offspring is ill placed and just an insult. It’s a mockery to the downtrodden Kenyan youth!

Who wrote her speech kwanza? You did her wrong yaani. You decide to write her such a speech barely a week after the youth were being brutally beaten up by her father’s government officials in JKUAT, and barely four weeks since her dad gave away all government appointments to 91 & 80 year olds???

Simple advise to Ms Ngina; Next time, don’t cram and read out a speech just handed down to you for the sake of reading it. Try educating yourself on the actualities of the ‘common’ people. Quit with the Victorian royalty charade and actually care about the youth you claim to seek to empower. Understand and acknowledge your privilege while addressing us next time; stop with the patronizing demeanor. This would do you a lot of good in the future.

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