Its quite correct to say that my 2020 has just begun; I literally feel like it’s the 31st so HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This year beginning, I’ve been thinking a lot about Intentions and Being Intentional; can’t blame me, I took some law class and one of the basic I learnt was that Intention is really at the base of human actions.

Intentionality drives our motives, our actions, how we handle the consequences of our actions etc. This just got me thinking, if intentions matter this much, are we really conscience on a day-to-day basis of our intentions? Or is it something that is more in the subconscious?

What if we became more aware of our intentions? What if, just what if, we became intentional and each and every single thing we did in our lives? What if we become more deliberate, more purposive? For instance, Intentionally waking up and getting out bed… not doing so out of a necessity but out of intentionality; intentionally drinking 8 glasses of water a day and not just drinking it whenever our throats crack up from thirst; being intentional in our interactions and not just conversing for the sake of being heard….

How would this impart our lives if at all?

  • For one, our lives would declutter.

When intentionality becomes the basis of our deeds, we become selfish with our energies; only spending them where necessary. See, am an economics student, don’t blame me for this utilitarian thinking. But, human beings are intrinsically selfish beings; as such, they will only focus and invest themselves in that which they foresee higher utility from; we always seek to maximize our utilities. When we become intentional in our deeds, we consequently end up only investing ourselves in the useful; be they relations, habits, foods, activities you name it.

  • Secondly, being intentional will help us know ourselves better

Am certain am not the only one who has had a prolonged moment of silence whenever faced with the “tell me about yourself” question. This is not because we don’t know ourselves (come on, we spend our lives with ourselves). Its because we can’t as quickly and easily pin point what matters to us; what’s of essence; what’s of great importance. By being intentional, we get to realize what we like, what we can tolerate, what are our deal breakers, what we’d like around us often etc. It makes us familiarize ourselves more with the essentialities of ourselves.

  • Thirdly, intentionality helps us live in the moment better.

By making intentional choices and decisions, doubts of do I really want to go to that party, or is this dress worth it, or should I skinny dip or should i go on that solo trip greatly diminish. This is because, by being intentional, one conclusively chooses to spend their energy in whatever it is they are doing or engaging in at any particular moment. As such, the experience gets to be more intense and enhanced. Imagine going to a party you were forced to attend vs going to a party you really wanted to attend; the zest involved in each of these two vary enormously and you enjoy one more than the other.

Guys, this year, lets be intentional. Lets get a why. I know we all love those moments where we do shit for the sake of doing it and the continuation of the Y.O.L.O ideology (not that I have anything against it). But at the end of it all, its our purposes that matter, that get us out of our beds every single day, that give us the momentum to face life’s demons. We don’t want to get to a point in our lives where everything feels meaningless. Intentionality will give us our Whys.

So ladies and gentlemen, with the power bestowed upon me by the http://zipporahgakuu.com website, I declare 2020 the year of BEING INTENTIONAL!

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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