Yes… that time of the year is here… The time of chocolates, roses, cupid’s arrows and heart festooned greeting cards… The time most dreaded by most if not all singles.  And I, being the Queen of the Singledom, definitely loathe Valentines day. Who came up with such a day and why on earth would they decide to do that?

How did a day that was celebrated by Romans as a fertility day end up being the day for the grandest gestures of love and romance?

Am certain am not the only one that groans at the mention of Valentine’s day. Some of you (especially those in cute bubbly relationships) might think am just being melodramatic right now, but hey, after reading my reasons for hating on Valentines tell me if you’ll still be as jittery about it.

  • First of all; Valentines is nothing more than some capitalistic endeavour to give businesses a reason to nose their products into your romantic lives and persuade you to buy extravagant shit you do not need.

According to the NRF (National Retail Federation USA), spending in the States this year is estimated to be at $27.4 Billion!!

 So yeah, Valentines is nothing more than a ploy by the bourgeoisie to get deeper into your pockets.

  • If you’ll only be doing grand romantic gestures for me once a year, do you really love me??!! Valentines just enables the perpetuation of the hypo-critic notion of romance. Why should you just be romantic/ act romantic once in a year? Why not do it all day year long? How badly are we doing as a society that we need a whole 24-Hours to remind us to show and express love to the ones we claim to love? Valentines is nothing but a charade and a façade my good people. Isitoshe, the unwritten expectation that if one is in a couple, this is the day to really get it down, go on some expensive romantic dinner, get their legs waxed, buy that sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie and engage in some passionate Fifty shades of Grey . The exaggeration of this day is just mind blogging!
  • Sickly Social Media Posts!!

Yoh! This has to be one of the major reasons for disliking Valentines; the looooonggg captioned posts on IG, Twitter, Facebook, kila mahali ata karibu ziwekwe LinkedIn. Arrrggghhhh!! We get it Carol, He’s your oxygen and you can’t live without him sawa. But did you just realize this at this time of the year??? So all these other days what have you been breathing? Neon? Consistency good people. Ever heard of it? I have nothing against all those #couple_goals but if you’re going to be that, please be that all year long and not just on some random “Valentine’s day”. I still want to go on my feed and see my gorgeous puppy videos, so please, don’t blow up our feeds; are we together?

  • The freaking pressure!! Laaaaawwddd!

How many articles/blogs/ videos have you seen titles “What to get her for Valentines” / “Things to avoid this Valentines” / “Places to go this Valentines” etc etc!! they are a myriad of such all over! The pressure of what to get your beloved; doing something that won’t be similar to what you did last Valentines, taking them to some special place! Yoh!! The number of relationships about to break because he did not do enough this Valentines ama, she got me the same boring pair of socks again (ladies though, a pair of socks is not a gift; repeat after me…!) Valentines day materializes love; so what happens if someone is down on their luck and cannot afford anything for you but they love you to death? What happens then? Acheni bana… si must btw eh. If you love each other, that should be enough imagine.

Am sure by now I’ve come out as some love-hating non-romantic human. Contrary to this; I love Love and am a huge romantic who will break down watching the “Wedding Show” and go frantic from the “Fault in our Stars”. Am just of the belief that Valentines is overrated and is the height of hypo-critic romance in our societies.

Surely guys, we do not need a day to express our love; this should be a daily deed; something we do without having the pressures of some prescribed romance day.

That being said; I hate Valentine’s Day unless you’d like to be my date. (wink! wink!)

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  1. hahahahaha… you don’t know how single you are, until you are in Strathmore university during such Valentines’ day. Lectures stop for flowers and chocolates to be delivered. Some guys pay for their girlfriends to be sung for… Don’t forget it is in the middle of a lecture…
    Welcome to Strathmore, the land of love and excellence…

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  2. Reasons to hate Valentine’s day(especially in Kenya)😂😂😂
    1.the memes that guilt you for being single
    2. It’s not a legit holiday so no extra sleep for me means this is pointless 😂🙄
    3. Let’s get to the part where Valentine’s was a fertility celebration day for the Romans,being one of the few people in my circles to know that fact,it always seems stupid when I explain it to others


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