We are basically what we eat; and we smell of what we eat. For us ladies, this adds an extra load on us as we tend to have one very choosy Queen down there that has a myriad of demands and sure knows how to throw a proper tantrum (in the form of infections). This is why it’s essential that one gets deliberate about what we are feeding our vaginas. This is what your Vagina wants… and needs.

  1. Yoghurt; Plain yoghurt

Yoghurt and maziwa mala contain Lactobacillus; which is the good bacteria that lives in our vaginas. As such, having a dose of yoghurt (directly or through consumption) helps maintain the bacterial levels down there controlling yeast infection blooms.

Be careful though, some yoghurt will tend to do more harm than good. Go for;

  • Sugar free yoghurt
  • Plain yoghurts
  •  Yoghurts with lactobacillus

Read the ingredient list before purchasing your yoghurt. I’d strongly recommend staying away from sweetened yoghurts though.

2. Sweet Potatoes Ngwacis

Ngwacis are not surprisingly very nutritious. They contain Vitamin A in the form of Beta-Carotene which… wait for it; Help in strengthening our muscles down there (no plastic surgery or those stones I see people putting in there). Some other foods that contain beta-carotene are kina carrots, sukumas etc. So the next time you see me with a pack of ngwacis, you’ll know why *wink *wink.

3. Cranberry juice.

Am sure you’ve all heard of the unending benefits of cranberry juice. This is like our number one champion ladies. The acidic nature of cranberry helps in maintaining our vagina’s acidic pHs. In addition to this, cranberry contains elements that help in fighting against the UTI causing bacteria.

The trick however comes in in trying to get the correct cranberry juice. Unfortunately, the cranberry we have in our stores is definitely concentrated and inorganic; this is not what we’re after.

If possible, I’d recommend eating the cranberries directly or blending them for yourself. If not, you can purchase the cranberry capsules in pharmacies; most will be 100% cranberry. Now this is what we need.

4. Water

Water water water!! The greatest source of our bodies’ lubrication is water.

If you want your vagina to not dry and crunch up all the time, sis, drink up!

If you want your vagina to not be smelly from the really smelly sweat, you’ve gotta drink up!

A dehydrated vagina is a dry, burning and itch vagina. The skin in the vagina lips is very thin and sensitive; making it highly susceptible to dehydration.

5. Avocado

Other than being a magnificent fruit, avocado is great for down there!

The fats in avocado help support healthy vaginal walls and act as a natural lubricant; moisturising our vaginas.

6. Lemon ndimus

Yes! I love lemons, I really do. I know you already guessed why. Lemons owing to their acidic nature, help in maintaining the acidic pH of our vaginas.

Its antioxidants properties also prevent the cells damage and help fight off a number of infections.

Add a ka-slice of lemon to your water bottle at least twice in a day and watch the magic happen.

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