Oh Botswana !

I’ve been to Botswana twice now, and I must say; she has been really good to me on both visits!

The Botswana Tlokweng Border gate: South African & Botswana border.

The first thing that struck me when I stepped onto Bots was how good their roads are; in comparison, of course, to our Kenyan roads. Also, the organization and order in this country is just impeccable. People actually follow and abide by the traffic lights my good people; sisi tunaonanga traffics lights ka decorations za Kidero tu. The nature of the roads make driving through Bots such a smooth and fun experience. Can you imagine, we cut across the country from its South African border to its Zambian border and we didn’t have a single sign of a pothole or bad road in sight! I was pleasantly shocked. Changamoto kwetu Wakenya!


The other thing one notices, is how ‘vacant’ the place feels. One can drive for kilometers and kilometers without spotting a single human or settlement anywhere in sight. This is explained by the fact that Botswana has a population density is a mere 4 people per square kilometer! Compare this to Kenya’s 94 people per square kilometer!


Despite them being a small nation, the Batswana (nationals from Botswana prefer being called Batswana rather than Botswanan) are very friendly and warm people. My first time in Gaborone, I was attending a friend’s wedding (yeas, am in that age group already; ‘90s kids its that time of our lives, lol). The warmth, the hospitality and the friendliness of the people I met was astonishing. Yaani, people who readily go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Simply Incredible!

Just a random of us devouring some Botswana beef… The havoc we did to those bones😂

Botswana is a cattle nation; the country legit has one and a half times more cattle than people! For this, it was in Botswana where I had the best meat I’d ever eaten in my quite young life. I guess its ‘cos the cattle are let to naturally pasture and there isn’t much artificial interference in their breeding. The meat just oozes of sweetness; ka unapenda nyama, enda Bots my friend; utapenda.


Night life in Gaborone, in my experience, is not the ‘best best’. Nairobi beats it na mbaaaalliiiiiii! But one of the reasons for this is the government’s crackdown through the high imposition of sin taxes and curfews. Lakini who are the youths here; car pimping is a very vibrant occurrence in Gabs night life. You’re likely to find a group of youths out in the car park with their car trunks open and music playing; they’re having a full-on rave by their cars which is simply amazing.


Botswana also has the largest elephant’s populations in the continent. Its as such quite easy to spot a herd or several of them while driving across this country. Nothing beats seeing these majestic creatures in their natural habitats. They are huge, they are so graceful; in their stride, the way they swing their trunks, as in! I’d definitely recommend Bots if you’re “an elephant person”.


Finally, if you ever think of living in Botswana; go for it! This country, despite being in the ‘third-world’ is a relatively well-off and rich country. The standards of living in Bots are also considerably high. One of the bedrocks of its economy is its diamonds. Its been politically stable since its independence and as such has experienced one of the world’s highest economic growth rates. Perfect place to start a life I’d propose.

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