COVIDIOCRACY: Being a Coronavirus Screw Up!

During this pandemic, humanity and the basic humanness has been put to the test in more than one ways. Stores ran out of ; wait for it… Tissue paper!! Of all the things to grab during the ‘apocalyptic’ times; human brilliance pointed to Tissue paper as the most critical for the species’ survival.

Other than this, other displays of Covidiocracy have included;

  • The generation Zs and Millenials brushing it off cz they’re “Young, and strong, and vibrant
    • No, you Covidiot! You may be strong and healthy with a brazen immunity but you risk being a carrier of the virus. How would it feel knowing you infected your beloved nana with the virus that killed her? Would you forgive yourself? If no, please stay at home, observe the instructions by the medics. Not having that beer or not partying for some few days won’t kill you; trust me on this!
  • Insisting on attending mass or going for that Sunday Church service or youth fellowship.
    • Sighhhhhhh… I don’t even know where to start with these humans. Believe you me, missing church for several Sundays won’t cancel your one-way direct ticket to heaven. Am Christian, I should know! Kaa kwa nyumba nani! God will still hear your praises and worship and prayers from the confines of your home, alright! And, this won’t make you less of a believer! As a matter of fact, you’ll have enough time to have an intimate one on one with your Lord and Saviour; tulia siste! Mutahi isn’t foolish for cancelling the church services, and no, the devil isn’t using him to wage a war against your religion! Corona isn’t a joke na haitambui btw!
  • Then, there’re these humans who just fly in and decide nahhh… 14-day quarantine? Mimi? Forget! That is for the weak.
    • You Covidiot!! How do you fly in from the pandemic’s epicentre, and the next day you’re hugging and greeting all your village people??? Is it illiteracy? Is it selfishness? Is it recklessness? What would make one do this for reals? This is definitely the height of Covidiocracy! Fuata the government’s directive; they know what they’re doing (for once in a pretty long time). Quarantine for those 14 days. You won’t die from sticking to our home; you won’t! If you see msee wa majuu amerudi juzi na sasa they’re just loitering around, kindly report them; do us all this service. Thanks in advance!
  • Still on the diaspora’s issue, the other Covidiots are those who treat wasee wametoka majuu as the enemy.
    • My sister, stop with the bitterness alright. Remember they are our brothers and sisters. They are as much of Kenyans as you and I. I’ve seen some silly comments; ‘ooohh, si wangekaa kwe walikuwa. Mbona walirudi… ‘ First of all, you have no idea whatever the situation that made them fly back is. Second of all, this is their home as much as its yours; as citizens they have the right to fly in and out as they please. And thirdly, they have all the right to demand their government’s assistance and services. So before we go out there and start attacking them for coming back home, refer to this section as your Covidiocratic meter!
  • Then we have these rumour mongers! They’re all over, in our Whatsapps, in our Facebooks, in our Instagrams, our twitters…. EVERYWHERE!
    • They circulate fake news, information with no basis and not backed up by facts just to fear monger or attention seek. I don’t know what the aim of their action is. To avoid falling in this category of Covidiots, double check information and their source. The WHO even has Whatsapp contacts one can contact to get correct information. Check government websites for information. Don’t trust or even circulate information on a first basis manner; double check, confirm, then once certain of the source, forward!
  • “Its just like the flu” anyone who says => Covidiot!
    • Covid-19 is serious! Its not a joke, its not like the flu. People have died and are dying from it. Take it seriously. Follow health advice. Keep social distance. Si mchezo!

This is a tough time for all of us. We have to care for one another and look out for each other. Lets also remember that a majority of our Kenyan population do not have the liberty of just staying home totally and quarantine there. Lets try as much as possible to be considerate and kind to one another! Natukae na Udugu!

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