BLACK LIVES DO MATTER; We just want to live.

You know, with all that’s been going on; I’ve tried to be mum, to not say what’s on my mind but I’ve failed. I’ve failed because that morning when I saw the infamous George Floyd video, I wept. I wept and ugly cried. Not because am an African American, or an American citizen… or living in the USA. Not because of any of that.

I wept because I resonated with the pain and the injustice that George Floyd was subjected to. I wept because in my mother’s house in Naivasha, I felt fear creep into me as I easily saw myself through that injustice.

I easily resonated with the fact that the colour of my skin could easily put me on the verge of being murdered. Worse still, it hurt even more when I thought that I can hustle hard enough to give my children a brighter future, but there’s absolutely nothing I can do to shield them from the burden of being a black human being in this world. The thought that no matter where I go, the colour of my skin will always put a target on my back. That my dark skin is enough to warrant my murdering and even to justify it. That is what George Floyd’s murder did to me: it made the implications of my being black sink deeper and cut deeper than its ever sank or cut.

Crazily enough, I started thinking of ways on which I could water down my blackness so as to ensure that my off-spring inherited as less of it as possible (this included ideas of marrying white, then making sure my first gen married white etc etc… Lol) But can you blame me for this? As any animal ,the first instinct is survival; and the reality is, being black is a danger and threat to my survival and that of my generation. Only because some human somewhere decided that my life isn’t worth living. Do you know how hurtful it is to be reduced to nothing but the pigmentation of your skin? DO you know how hurtful it is to have thoughts on how to ‘reduce your blackness’ despite your claim of being a confident black woman are? Do you have any idea how piercing it is to know that somewhere there is someone who is preconditioned to deeply hate you; not because of anything you’ve ever done to them, but simply because you were born black?

Is it such a great sin? To be born black? Is it such a mistake to be melanated? Does it really merit all this hate to the extent of discrediting our existence? Do we really need to plead with y’all to let us live? Do you understand just how primal that plea is: LET US LIVE? Do you understand the fear that we have that at any given moment you can easily kill us?

And for my fellow Africans in Africa, who for some reason feel the plight of the African Americans is theirs and theirs alone to bear, this is what I can say to you. A majority of black people in the world can trace their roots back to our beloved continent. Therefore, by virtue of this, we share common ancestors and descentry: they are our brothers and sisters, every single black person out there whether they are in the USA, in China or sjui wapi, they are all our brothers and sisters. The mistreatment of a single one of our brother or sister; not by any other reason but simply by virtue of the one thing we all have in common; being black, is a mistreatment of all of us! RACISM IS NOT GEOGRAPHICALLY RESTRICTED! Some are of the argument that some African Americas despise Africans and do not support us in our many afflictions. To this I’ll say: By understanding the history of African Americans, you will understand the reasons behind this. In addition to this, do you only support a people because they support you? Is it really in our African virtues so to do? Why not support a cause because of the injustice involved and the urge to fight oppressions in the world? Also, it is due to the fights that the African Americans have fought that most of us can now freely fly to white spaces and even occupy these spaces; a thing that would have been rendered virtually impossible a few years back.

So, in the spirit of togetherness, in the instinct of survival; LETS FORGE ON! LETS RAGE ON! WE TOO DESERVE TO LIVE!

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Spoken words fly away, but written words, written words remain engraved.

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