The tears I shed,

Crying myself to sleep

Night after night

Calling unto you

Calling unto the invisible,

The inconceivable

But yet,

Still trusting beyond all


The memories

The kneeling till my knees got sore

Calling out to you,

Weeping for you to look my way

Other times, no words would escape my dried out throat


Evening after evening,

I never seized

I never missed my self-inflicted strife

Then finally,

Finally, you shone your light upon me

My beautifier

My redeemer

You heard my unsaid words

You responded to my woes

You made me know you were there

That you heard

And that You cared

Cared for this wretched human soul

A soul overridden by imperfections

By the unmentioned

Am not the perfect epitome

Am nothing close to you

Not even a single inch

And yet, you love me anyway

Even during those times when I doubt your existence

You still love me

I know,

How would I know of your love

In such moments when am in doubt of your presence

I know it cause I feel it

I feel the warm embrace of your words

The sweet caress of your touch

The soothing comfort of your assurance

Then, then I know you are still there

Then am reminded you never left

Then, then I get back on my knees and I cry


This time,

Not tears of pain

Not tears of anguish


This time, I cry as it’s the only way my soul can communicate

I cry as words fail me

I cry as none of the 5 languages I’ve mastered

Have words enough to describe this overwhelming love.

And as I listen to the melody in the drought

I smile in the midst of my sniffles

I smile as you have made me joyful

I laugh and giggle

The song “umejua kunifurahisha” becomes my anthem

And I lift my voice unto you

And sing praises unending

And glorify your name

And give thanks for your agape love.