Its Christmas;
My 21st Xmas!!

How do I feel? Blessed? Joyous? Loved?

Maybe, but at most, I feel at peace.

That peace that feels like balm.

That peace that makes you think of flowing smooth white chocolate.

Peace that results in this inexplicable calm.

That calm that brings harmony.

That beautiful symphony to this chaotic life

That synergy that aligns everything back to order

Is it because it’s a sunny Xmas?

Is it because……….

Is it because of the relaxing carols in the stereo?


It’s not because of all that

Its because of the survival mode

Its because of the achieved past

It’s a calm that precedes determination

It’s a harmony of everything seemingly working out

It’s the symphony that echoes assurance

Even for that slight minute

The idea of everything falling to place

The whispers that everything will be just fine

That its all not that serious

That you are doing just fine

That you have seen yet another Xmas;

Still breathing

Still sane

Still woke

That’s just but reassuring enough


That’s the only assurance you need

When you hold your chest

And still feel that thudding heart

Feel that rhythmical heartbeat

Then you know that deep down

You’re still fighting

Deep down

You’re still surviving

Deep down,

You’ve not given up

Just not yet.

Because you my love, are a SURVIVOR!