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Diani has been Africa’s leading beach destination for the past 5 years. This enough should hint on how great a vacation here would be.

The white sandy beaches, the calming blue oceans, the humid warm temperature; everything seems to confluence towards making Diani a small heaven on earth. Myself, I prefer Diani to all other Kenyan coasts; why?

  1. Its not crowded at all. One can literally have a whole beach to themselves. No one likes a crowded beach!
  2. Its considerably cleaner. All across the beach what one sees is the white sand, and some seaweed washed ashore. There’s very less pollution or plastic on the Diani beaches.
  3. Its calm and quiet. Owing to the fact that its quite a distance from Mombasa, Diani is very chill and slow and relaxing. Very laid back. Making it a perfect destination if you’re looking to relax and chill out.

Of course, once we’ve established that Diani is a gem, the next question is can we afford this gem?

And yes, with this concise budgeting plan, we can afford Diani.

So, we’ll assume we’re connecting from Nairobi to Diani. Lets go!!

  • Mode of transport we’re gonna use; Nairobi to the coast.
    • SGR: the train from Syokimau in Nairobi to the Mombasa terminus. For the SGR tickets, one has to book them very early; at least a week or two before the departure date. The reason for this being they sell out pretty fast and the chances of you missing out on a ticket are thus very high. The ticket costs 1000ksh one-way. I recommend purchasing both the to and fro tickets on the same day.
    • If you miss the SGR tickets, not to worry. You can still get the bus tickets. The disadvantage of the bus is that its an 8 hour long ride and not as comfy as the SGR; in terms of leg space, the scenery and basically every other sense of comfort associated with a mode of transport. If you’re gonna take the bus, take the night bus. That way you can just sleep through out the drive down to the coast and wake up on arrival.
    • There’s always the flight option but for the purposes of our budgeting, we shall not discuss this further.
  • Once you arrive in Mombasa;
    • You have arrived at the Mombasa terminus; if you took the train. We need to get to Diani from Mombasa. From this terminus, you can take a matatu (public transport in Kenya) to Likoni. Its gonna cost about 50 bob only. This is the cheapest option and its not a long ride so its bearable. Once you get to Likoni, catch the ferry to the other side. Then get another matatu to Diani Ukunda. It costs about 100 bob cz its quite a distance. You can opt for an uber which will cost you about 5000 ksh (50 times the cost of the public transport so….)
    • If you took a bus, take a matatu from the bus stop to Likoni. Get a ferry to the other side then catch a matatu for Diani Ukunda.
  • Accommodation;
    • We are going to stay at an Airbnb… Thank the heavens for Brian Chesky & Joe Gebbia. Always book your accommodation at least a week to your vacation. This helps you familiarise with the host, know and research the location better. Also, by looking for accommodation earlier on, you get great deals and great places at considerable prices. The other good thing about the Airbnb’s listings in Diani is the Villas. There are these wonderful villas with clean pools and magnificent views for very affordable prices. I got to stay at this listing that even had a chef and was literally 5 minutes walk to the beach for only 119 Euros a night. This mark you was for the entire villa that could host 10 guests. Bringing the price down to 11.9 Euros per night for each person (about 1400 Ksh/night). PS: If you’d like to be linked up with this listing, comment below and I’ll share the contacts.
  • Once you have the transport and accommodation sorted, the other expenses are very meagre as its only day to day food and costs of visiting other attractions around.
  • Some of the things to do in Diani;
    • Colobus Monkey Conservation
    • Kongo Mosque
    • Forty Thieves Beach Bar
    • Fort Jesus in Mombasa
    • Glass boat: 3000 Ksh
    • Snorkelling and Dolphin watching: About 7000 Ksh
    • Visit Wasini Island

So my people, with about 10,000 Ksh (100 USD), you can comfortably go down to Diani for 3 nights and have some nice chilled out time.

Remember: Life’s a journey… If you wait till you have “enough” money to go on your desired trip; you’ll never go as money is never enough! Take that leap and off to Diani you go!

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